Sunday, February 15, 2009

Article: Cleaning Cast Iron after Making Scrambled Eggs (video)

We're demonstrating basic cast iron cleaning techniques using a Dobie pad and water. In this video, we had just made scrambled eggs in our cast iron skillet, and now we're cleaning up from it.


  1. Okay the ease of cleaning makes a believer out of me. I'm having scrambled eggs cooked in cast iron for lunch.

    Is there a type of oil that is best for seasoning the pan?

    Nancy in Alexandria
    referred by Diane in Alexandria

  2. Hey Nancy!

    I use organic canola oil for 99% of my seasoning, and it works great. Some folks swear by animal fats and/or high saturated fat oil... but in my book it is far more important to oil your pans after every use (after drying with heat) than to get too hung up about the type of oil.

    Hope that helps!



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