Monday, January 18, 2010

Article: Ignite Boulder 7 Video - the official one

The wonderful people at Ignite Boulder have posted the "official" videos from Ignite Boulder 7 (with much better sound quality than the silly iPhone video of my presentation that I posted earlier).

So here's the high-quality version of "Cast iron Cookware: Why Your Great-Grandma Schools Your Ass on Sustainability. 

Hey, and don't be afraid to rate it!  Thanks.

Oh, and by the way, to understand in context my seemingly off-color comment about sexual relations with poultry... you have to see Peter McGraw's Preso: "From Wrong to Funny".


  1. Thanks, Derek. The URL is below.

    BTW, I purchased an iron skillet as a result of your talk.


  2. Hey Pete,

    Glad to hear you've come over to the dark side!

    I must say, after hearing your talk I went right out and bought a whole chicken, and then I... nevermind!




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