Monday, January 16, 2012

Article: Can I Cook with Cast Iron on a Glass Top Stove?

A cast iron skillet sits atop a glass top range

Short answer: Yes!

I get asked this question with some frequency, so I thought I'd create a post on the issue. I've been cooking with cast iron on an electric glass top stove for 8 years.

My particular make and model of stove is a Frigidaire brand Gallery. Quite frankly, I hate it. But the reason I hate my stove has nothing to do with cast iron cookware. Glass top stoves/ranges are slow to respond to changes in burner heat. This is particularly true when you need to lower the heat quickly. I'd much prefer gas.

More often than not, I have to remove the pan from the heat for a few minutes while the burner cools down. Sometimes I place a cool cast iron skillet on the burner to "soak up" the extra heat before I replace the pan that I'm cooking with.

One of the many benefits of cast iron cookware is that it holds and radiates heat very well. If you're cooking on a glass top stove, this means you'll probably need to allow a few extra minutes for your cast iron skillet to heat up. Resist the temptation to turn the burner heat higher than it should be.

So go ahead... toss out your teflon and start cooking with cast iron... even if you cook on a glass top stove.